A photography year in review - 2019

I write this lines from my hometown in Barcelona, after 2 years of living in Tokyo. I came back for the Winter holidays, the time of family reunions and recharge. The work and effort during 2019 has been worth it to deserve a break.

In 2019 I took my parents and their friends around Japan for a 2 week trip, and turned to be a series of Youtube videos that I used to practice editing and vlogging. Because it’s fun! and for the group to have a memento of their adventure. Creating contents for Youtube was one of the goals for 2019, and I have been uploading movies almost twice every month, but that was only as a second objective, as to force myself into editing video and filming. The main work of this year was the process of creating 2 photography projects and build a portfolio that showcase my style and character. The year I learned the most about photography and creation process. to bring out the best of myself, practice and improve everyday. And I started to see where I’m going with it. A year of self-review, of planning, of leading the way towards what it’s going to be the next stage.

Josep Bautista photo

At some point I thought of giving up, didn’t understand what I was doing or how I was changing, I wasn’t thinking straight in many ways. Until I realized I was mixing how to create video and photography. Until I learned the difference in the creative process I was only going backwards. Both the projects and I have evolved so much in less than a year. It’s hard to explain, but now those projects are part of my soul, and also that helped me to know myself as a photographer and creative. The projects have been submitted, and now I only can wait for the reviews. Sorry I still can’t really share all of it, but I’m giving you a taste through my portfolio on the website, and my Instagram account, through my photos, some of them used on the projects.

Lost in photography

This 2019 I met so many talented people, both legends on the field and new geniuses rising, thinking that I would never be on the same level I was pushing myself harder to the point of almost breaking apart. I was wrong, it’s because I’m pushing harder that I’m part of that World I admire. It’s time to keep moving forward, on to the next stage. 2020 will be the hardest year, and probably will have even less time to create and keep doing videos for Youtube or Social Networks. 2019 was only the first stage of what’s going to be the rest of my life, and I’m in for the maximum effort.

Cheers for 2020

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