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Actualizado: 25 de oct de 2018

For those who've been following my adventures for the past years at Hype in Tokyo, it was about time to build and expand my homepage to a more photography focused design. As a newborn career in travel and fashion photographer, I needed to create a more personal brand. Also, I needed a new logo for this new stage, and since I stepped into the international stage in Japan, everybody calls me by the Katakana pronunciation of my name, nothing better than that for a logo.

Josep Bautista

          For those new here, my name is Josep Bautista, a fashion and travel photographer based in Japan (know more about my career in the Bio page). This bog section on the website is where I'll be sharing the news with all of you, my travels and projects, and more photography based contents, and share new contents straight from my Youtube channel. Like, subscribe, comment, and welcome to my new home.

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